What is Personal Fitness Training?

Personal and Small Group Training

  • Specialized/Unique member experience
  • More fun and effective workouts
  • Private or semi-private atmosphere
    1. Reduces member intimidation/anxiety
    2. Surrounded by like minded members with similar or relatable goals
      • Weight Loss/Gain
      • Fitness Programming
      • Nutrition Counseling
  • Certified Trainers/Instructors: Fitness Experts
    1. Appropriate exercise prescription
    2. Know that you are using proper body mechanics
    3. Proper safety is implemented and reinforced at all times
    4. Healthy habit counseling to collaborate with training programs
    5. Professional supervision and advice along the fitness journey
    6. Client/trainer relationship is important for client results
      • Open communication
      • Accountability
      • Motivation
      • Exercise guidance

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