Tips to Beat Fall Allergies

Allergies are not too much fun to deal with. While a lot of people deal with spring allergies such as pollen, fall can bring its own world of allergens as well. One of the most rampant allergens during the fall is ragweed. The sneezing, watery eyes and overall misery usually leave many people anticipating any form of relief. Allergies are just one of those things that must be endured. Thankfully, there are different ways to get reprieve from the elements. Here are just a few of the small tips to beat fall allergies that can make a big difference!

1. Close the windows.
Yes, it is good to get nice, fresh air from the outdoors. The only time it may not be good is when the person living indoors has allergies. Allergens can get through the windows and fill a home. They may not be totally visible to the naked eye, but they pile up. If you’d like to get a cool breeze going through the house, turn on the air conditioner or purchase a fan. When it is time to cruise in the car, keep all windows and the sunroof closed. This is the best time to run the A/C. Opening a window is not worth the exacerbation of the allergy symptoms.

2. Go see the doctor.
It is a good idea to make an appointment with an allergist to be sure of what the allergy actually is. You may think there’s an allergy to one thing and it might be another. Once there is a proper diagnosis, ask for a prescription for a good allergy medication. There are also lots of great over-the-counter options for allergy medicine as well!

3. Stay indoors.
This might feel like torture for a person who loves the outdoors, but there is more torture in staying among elements that make the allergies worse. For those who love to exercise outside, there are great Farmington, MO gyms available. If there is a desire for extra company, hiring a Farmington personal trainer, such as Sullivan Personal Training,┬áis a great way to have someone to work out with who will also motivate and encourage. Don’t allow the inability to exercise outdoors cripple you. It is just an opportunity to get a little more creative in finding a solution!

4. Keep the house clean.
Allergens can sneak in the house in different ways. Shoes, clothes, open windows and visiting guests, that have all been exposed to the outdoors, can bring in allergens. Because this is natural, it is vital that cleaning is routinely completed. Vacuum the floors. Wash the linens. Leave shoes at the door. After a long day out, come home and take a shower. This will cleanse all the outdoor elements off.

In some ways, a few of these steps might seem really extreme. In the long run, the symptoms of the allergies will be less bothersome and disastrous. In the meantime, put all of these tips on the to-do list and get to work!

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