What is Personal Fitness Training?

Personal and Small Group Training

  • Specialized/Unique member experience
  • More fun and effective workouts
  • Private or semi-private atmosphere
    1. Reduces member intimidation/anxiety
    2. Surrounded by like minded members with similar or relatable goals
      • Weight Loss/Gain
      • Fitness Programming
      • Nutrition Counseling
  • Certified Trainers/Instructors: Fitness Experts
    1. Appropriate exercise prescription
    2. Know that you are using proper body mechanics
    3. Proper safety is implemented and reinforced at all times
    4. Healthy habit counseling to collaborate with training programs
    5. Professional supervision and advice along the fitness journey
    6. Client/trainer relationship is important for client results
      • Open communication
      • Accountability
      • Motivation
      • Exercise guidance

How to Choose the Right Snack

Without a doubt, if you want to eat a healthy snack, you are going to struggle. Sadly, corporations now make foods that seem healthy, but they are far from so. With this in mind, here are three snacks to avoid and three snacks to buy.


Granola bars: The reality is, if you eat a granola bar, you are going to eat something full of sugar. Not only that, the granola bars you eat are probably going to be processed heavily. Yes, unless you buy the right brand or make your own, you should avoid granola bars.

Muffins: While there are healthy muffins out here, it’s not always easy to find one. Since you are better off buying whole foods, you should avoid muffins. If you really like the taste and want to make your own, you can eat a healthy muffin full of vitamins and minerals. But, you should read the ingredient list thoroughly.

Smoothies: All-too-often, a person will get a smoothie, and then they will find out it’s not healthy. While fruits are good for you, a lot of stores will make smoothies full of milk or juice, which aren’t exactly healthy ingredients.


Nuts: IF you want energy in a good form, buy nuts. Yes, the nuts will break down slowly, and you won’t have to worry about a spike in your blood sugar. While they are not exciting, you can find some tasty nuts if you do your research.

Whole fruits: Buy an apple or a grapefruit, and you are going to have a good snack. Think about it, if you want some energy after leaving the Farmington MO Gym, you should consider an apple so you can fill up on something healthy.

Avocado: While a lot of people don’t like an avocado alone, if you buy some crackers, you can enjoy your avocado. Of course, there is nothing wrong with getting a spoon and having it alone. With an avocado, you will get healthy fats, and you can eat food that is in its original form, which is important for people who want to eat healthy. Yes, if you head to Park Hills Nutrition, you can get healthy foods such as avocados.

With these three foods to avoid and three to avoid, you can have a healthy snack and live a longer and better life. Remember, not everything that seems healthy is, in fact, good for you.

Four Ways To Fight Stress

Although there are several stressful seasons that take place throughout the course of the year, the holidays tend to be the most stressful. With that idea in mind, individuals who want to maintain mental and emotional balance so their health will not be compromised during the jolly season should note that they can use food and fitness to keep themselves in a stress-free, spectacular state of being. To learn more about how to manifest this peaceful, positive lifestyle, consider the strategies below:

1. Eat Clean.

Here at Sullivan Personal training  Park Hills Nutrition, we believe in the productive power that eating well can have in positively impacting mood and well-being. In recent years, the concept of eating “clean” has gained credence as more and more scientific research has been conducted on the great value of eating foods in their whole, natural form. As made plain by numerous research studies, eating fruits is a proven way to promote a calm, happy state of mind. This may especially be the case with bananas, the fruit which contains serotonin, the “happy hormone” noting for producing feelings of peace and general well-being.

2. Get A Workout Buddy.

Although many people are aware of the role that exercise plays in limiting stress, they are unaware that their ability to do so can increase exponentially if they work out with a partner. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that people who work out with a partner oftentimes challenge themselves to perform at a higher level of efficacy than they would if they were alone. With the increased exertion comes an increased feeling of catharsis and accomplishment once the exercise is over, and this profoundly positive feeling is highly effective in combating holiday-related stress. If you can’t find a workout buddy, hire a personal trainer who possesses the knowledge and experience to design a customized exercise program that will keep you active, happy, slim, and trim!

3. Lift Weights.

Lifting weights is a wonderful form of physical activity to incorporate into your exercise regimen if you’re attempting to fight stress during the holiday season. This is the case for numerous reasons, including the fact that lifting weights is an intense exercise that can help you channel anxiety and other negative emotions into the exertion necessary to complete the physical movements effectively. Once you’ve released the negative feelings, your emotional state will oftentimes evolve into a mode marked by peace and well-being. An added benefit of lifting weights is that consistent engagement in the activity speeds up gastrointestinal speed, meaning that you’re much less likely to experience the chronic, stress-inducing constipation that is prevalent during the holiday season.

4. Do Yoga.

Many fitness experts agree that yoga is one of the most effective exercises that you can perform for the purpose of limiting stress. This is so for several reasons, including the fact that this is a form of exercise that individuals at any fitness level can perform. Moreover, yoga is known to lower blood pressure, regulate breathing, and decrease insulin resistance. These are just a few of the great health benefits that result from doing yoga, and each of them promote a sense of wellness which is effective in alleviating stress that can result from the “go-go-go” mentality of the festive season.

Summing It All Up

Here at Park Hills Fitness, we know that consistent exercise can play a profoundly positive role in limiting an individual’s experience of stress. We also recognize the integral role that eating sensibly can play in facilitating a sense of well-being and equilibrium. To ensure that you enjoy the holiday season this year, be sure to implement some or all of the helpful strategies we’ve outlined above. Good luck!

5 Easy Tips to Stay Fit in December

During December, finding ways to stay fit becomes more difficult due to the colder temperatures and harsh weather conditions. However, you shouldn’t let the weather cause your fitness to fall by the wayside. especially with a personal trainer in Farmington!  These are five easy suggestions for staying active and fit in December.

Take Up Ice Skating

Ice skating is an activity that’s fun for the whole family, and it makes a great aerobic routine. Make it a habit to go alone or taking the family skating at least once every few weeks. If you look carefully, you can probably find an arena in your area that can be used for free.

Cook Healthy Foods During the Christmas Holiday

There’s a certain level of subtle pressure during the holidays to cook delicious foods that are conducive to weight gain. However, you probably know that there are many healthy foods that are also savory. Instead of cooking lots of carb-rich foods for the holidays, substitute a few of the dishes for fruits and steamed vegetables. If you plan to serve meat, make sure it’s a lean cut. Most importantly, keep your portion sizes small and moderate.

Bundle Up and Walk

If you find yourself frequently driving to a store that you can see from your home, you can work off a few calories by simply bundling up and walking to it. Before leaving, ensure the walk will only last five to ten minutes. Attempting to walk a distance any further during December can be dangerous.

Shovel Your Driveway

When the wind chill is well below freezing and your driveway is covered in snow, it’s easy to pay someone else to take care of the problem. However, giving the task to someone else robs you of a great opportunity for exercise. Invest in a snow shovel and take care of any driveway buildup yourself.

Work with a Personal Trainer

With a personal trainer at a Park Hills gym, you’ll have the best chances at staying fit in December. Sullivan Personal Training employs many certified, experienced professionals to assist those who need help with staying fit. At the Farmington gym, you’ll receive personalized help with achieving your goals, strengthening your accountability, and working towards a better you.

It’s never been a better time to begin working with a personal trainer. If you’re ready for solid results and a personalized fitness strategy designed just for you, get started today with Sullivan Personal Training.

Tips to Beat Fall Allergies

Allergies are not too much fun to deal with. While a lot of people deal with spring allergies such as pollen, fall can bring its own world of allergens as well. One of the most rampant allergens during the fall is ragweed. The sneezing, watery eyes and overall misery usually leave many people anticipating any form of relief. Allergies are just one of those things that must be endured. Thankfully, there are different ways to get reprieve from the elements. Here are just a few of the small tips to beat fall allergies that can make a big difference!

1. Close the windows.
Yes, it is good to get nice, fresh air from the outdoors. The only time it may not be good is when the person living indoors has allergies. Allergens can get through the windows and fill a home. They may not be totally visible to the naked eye, but they pile up. If you’d like to get a cool breeze going through the house, turn on the air conditioner or purchase a fan. When it is time to cruise in the car, keep all windows and the sunroof closed. This is the best time to run the A/C. Opening a window is not worth the exacerbation of the allergy symptoms.

2. Go see the doctor.
It is a good idea to make an appointment with an allergist to be sure of what the allergy actually is. You may think there’s an allergy to one thing and it might be another. Once there is a proper diagnosis, ask for a prescription for a good allergy medication. There are also lots of great over-the-counter options for allergy medicine as well!

3. Stay indoors.
This might feel like torture for a person who loves the outdoors, but there is more torture in staying among elements that make the allergies worse. For those who love to exercise outside, there are great Farmington, MO gyms available. If there is a desire for extra company, hiring a Farmington personal trainer, such as Sullivan Personal Training, is a great way to have someone to work out with who will also motivate and encourage. Don’t allow the inability to exercise outdoors cripple you. It is just an opportunity to get a little more creative in finding a solution!

4. Keep the house clean.
Allergens can sneak in the house in different ways. Shoes, clothes, open windows and visiting guests, that have all been exposed to the outdoors, can bring in allergens. Because this is natural, it is vital that cleaning is routinely completed. Vacuum the floors. Wash the linens. Leave shoes at the door. After a long day out, come home and take a shower. This will cleanse all the outdoor elements off.

In some ways, a few of these steps might seem really extreme. In the long run, the symptoms of the allergies will be less bothersome and disastrous. In the meantime, put all of these tips on the to-do list and get to work!