How to Choose the Right Snack

Without a doubt, if you want to eat a healthy snack, you are going to struggle. Sadly, corporations now make foods that seem healthy, but they are far from so. With this in mind, here are three snacks to avoid and three snacks to buy.


Granola bars: The reality is, if you eat a granola bar, you are going to eat something full of sugar. Not only that, the granola bars you eat are probably going to be processed heavily. Yes, unless you buy the right brand or make your own, you should avoid granola bars.

Muffins: While there are healthy muffins out here, it’s not always easy to find one. Since you are better off buying whole foods, you should avoid muffins. If you really like the taste and want to make your own, you can eat a healthy muffin full of vitamins and minerals. But, you should read the ingredient list thoroughly.

Smoothies: All-too-often, a person will get a smoothie, and then they will find out it’s not healthy. While fruits are good for you, a lot of stores will make smoothies full of milk or juice, which aren’t exactly healthy ingredients.


Nuts: IF you want energy in a good form, buy nuts. Yes, the nuts will break down slowly, and you won’t have to worry about a spike in your blood sugar. While they are not exciting, you can find some tasty nuts if you do your research.

Whole fruits: Buy an apple or a grapefruit, and you are going to have a good snack. Think about it, if you want some energy after leaving the Farmington MO Gym, you should consider an apple so you can fill up on something healthy.

Avocado: While a lot of people don’t like an avocado alone, if you buy some crackers, you can enjoy your avocado. Of course, there is nothing wrong with getting a spoon and having it alone. With an avocado, you will get healthy fats, and you can eat food that is in its original form, which is important for people who want to eat healthy. Yes, if you head to Park Hills Nutrition, you can get healthy foods such as avocados.

With these three foods to avoid and three to avoid, you can have a healthy snack and live a longer and better life. Remember, not everything that seems healthy is, in fact, good for you.

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