Healthy Options for a Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is commonly known as a time to indulge and enjoy traditional recipes that have been passed down through many generations. From the apple pie to candied sweet potatoes, there are a long list of entrees and side dishes to enjoy around the table for the holiday. Instead of becoming a glutton and having a negative impact on your health, there are a number of healthy options to enjoy without feeling deprived during the meal.

Apple Cider Gravy

Everyone knows Thanksgiving isn’t complete without enjoying a bit of gravy on the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Although the item is packed with flavor, it also contains a high amount of calories, fat and carbs. With apple cider gravy, the recipe is made with a lower portion of flour, chicken stock, turkey juices, and a pinch of dried thyme for a tasty alternative that won’t increase your waistline.

Sweet Potato Tarts

Instead of cutting out one of the best desserts of Thanksgiving dinner, a healthier version of pumpkin pie is available with sweet potato tarts. The recipe includes dark brown sugar, egg substitute or egg whites, fat-free whipped topping, and low-fat evaporated milk for a guilt-free dessert to enjoy on a full stomach. The pie will make it easier to prevent weight gain during the holiday and will make your workout at the Farmington MO Gym easier once you work out the next day.

Vegetable and Fruit Stuffing

The stuffing of any Thanksgiving meal is often one of the worst threats to your health during the holiday season. Instead, opt for making vegetable and fruit stuffing, which contains egg substitute, chopped apricots, apples, diced turkey bacon, wheat bread, butter, and yellow onions for a more natural side dish to enjoy without feeling guilty when you visit a Personal Trainer Farmington at your next session.

Healthy Potato Gratin with Herbs

This healthy recipe is a great alternative to mashed potatoes for a creamy, but creamless food that includes rosemary and thyme. The beautiful display of the potato gratin not only dresses up the dinner table, but is both guilt-free and gluten-free. Your guests will enjoy the tender texture of the layers of the potato after it’s broiled for several minutes. The flavor of the low-fat chicken broth used also enhances the food for an enjoyable side that doesn’t feel heavy when consumed.

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