5 Easy Tips to Stay Fit in December

During December, finding ways to stay fit becomes more difficult due to the colder temperatures and harsh weather conditions. However, you shouldn’t let the weather cause your fitness to fall by the wayside. especially with a personal trainer in Farmington!  These are five easy suggestions for staying active and fit in December.

Take Up Ice Skating

Ice skating is an activity that’s fun for the whole family, and it makes a great aerobic routine. Make it a habit to go alone or taking the family skating at least once every few weeks. If you look carefully, you can probably find an arena in your area that can be used for free.

Cook Healthy Foods During the Christmas Holiday

There’s a certain level of subtle pressure during the holidays to cook delicious foods that are conducive to weight gain. However, you probably know that there are many healthy foods that are also savory. Instead of cooking lots of carb-rich foods for the holidays, substitute a few of the dishes for fruits and steamed vegetables. If you plan to serve meat, make sure it’s a lean cut. Most importantly, keep your portion sizes small and moderate.

Bundle Up and Walk

If you find yourself frequently driving to a store that you can see from your home, you can work off a few calories by simply bundling up and walking to it. Before leaving, ensure the walk will only last five to ten minutes. Attempting to walk a distance any further during December can be dangerous.

Shovel Your Driveway

When the wind chill is well below freezing and your driveway is covered in snow, it’s easy to pay someone else to take care of the problem. However, giving the task to someone else robs you of a great opportunity for exercise. Invest in a snow shovel and take care of any driveway buildup yourself.

Work with a Personal Trainer

With a personal trainer at a Park Hills gym, you’ll have the best chances at staying fit in December. Sullivan Personal Training employs many certified, experienced professionals to assist those who need help with staying fit. At the Farmington gym, you’ll receive personalized help with achieving your goals, strengthening your accountability, and working towards a better you.

It’s never been a better time to begin working with a personal trainer. If you’re ready for solid results and a personalized fitness strategy designed just for you, get started today with Sullivan Personal Training.

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